The Dolomites in Italy - Travel, lodging and informations

Dolomites travel accommodations: hotel, chalet, b&b, apartments, lodge


Dolomites travel accommodations: hotel, chalet, b&b, apartments, lodge

Dolomites in Italy - Walking & Skiing holidays in the Italian Alps

Discover the most marvelous hotels, chalets, B&B's, apartments for skiing and walking holidays in the wonderful Dolomites in Italy.

Travel to the Dolomites in Italy and find the best lodging for your next walking or skiing holiday. Look at the hotels, accommodations, restaurants, pizzerias, bars, ski rentals, mtb rentals of the best resorts of the Dolomites in Italy, send a request for availability and get an offer immediately.

"The Dolomites are the favourite Italian Travel Attraction"

On June 26th 2009 UNESCO listed the Dolomites as a World Heritage Site to protect the highly distinctive mountain landscapes that are of exceptional natural beauty.

Alpe di Siusi - Sassolungo

Hello from beautiful Italy!

When you go back to the beautiful scenery of the Dolomites, the paradise in the Italian Alps, you come to realise the immensity of these majestic mountains. Many marvellous hotels, vacation rentals, b&b, garnis, chalets, lodges are located in the best travel region and charming resorts and places of the Alps. 

The best skiing, walking and hiking areas are in the Italian Alps.

Where and what are the Dolomites?

Dolomites Sunrise The Dolomites are a wonderful mountain group of about 16 km² located in the Italian Eastern Alps, south of the main chain of the Alps. They are extending over the three northernmost regions of Italy: Trentino - Alto Adige, Belluno and Friuli - Venezia Giulia.

The awesome bright colour and the red reflection of the Dolomia rock, admirable mainly during the sunset, are caused by the high content of the mineral dolomite MgCa(CO3)2. This name is due to the French naturalist Déodat de Dolomieu (1750 - 1801) who discovered and studied this unique rock.

What is the highest mountain in the Dolomites in Italy?

Tre Cime di Lavaredo The rays of the morning sun shining on the stunning Dolomites mountains, forcing the wonderful alpine flowers into bloom on the surrounding pastures and in winter shining on the snow covered peaks and beautiful slopes.

The final sun rays in the evening create a symphony of colour resulting in a rosy alpenglow, typical of a sensational sunset in the northeastern side of the Italian Alps.

The highest mountain of these impressive Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the Marmolada (3343 m), also called the Queen of the Dolomites.

Other well-known mounts and peaks are:

  • the Sassolungo:
    Sassolungo (3181 m), Punta Grohmann, also called "Sasso Levante", Torre Innerkofler, Dente del Sassolungo, Punta delle Cinque Dita, Cima Dantersass, Sassopiatto, Spallone del Sassolungo
  • the Sellagroup:
    Piz Boè (3152 m), the famous Torri del Sella, Piz Sëlva, Piz Gralba, Piz Miara, Le Mëisules,, Piza Vallon, Piz Rotic, Ciampanii de Murfreit, Torre de Murfreit, Piz Lastiës, Piz Ciavazes, Piz da Lech, Sass dles Diesc, Sass dles Nu, Col Turond, Col Alton, Sass de Pordoi, Piz Beguz, Piz Ciavazes, Pisciadù, Dent de Mesdì, Sas de Mesdì
  • the Odle near Seceda:
    Sas Rigais (3025 m), Pitla Fermeda, Gran Fermeda, Gran Odla, Sas de Mezdi, Furchetta, Sas dal Ega, Sas dla Porta, Col dala Creusc, Odla de Valdusa, Piz Duleda
  • the Tre Cime di Lavaredo:
    Cima Grande (big peak) (2999 m), Cima Ovest (western peak), Cima Piccola (little peak), Punta di Frida
  • the Catinaccio:
    Catinaccio d'Antermoia (3.002 m), Cima Catinaccio, Croda dei Cirmei, Cima di Larsec, Cima Scalieret, Torri del Vajolet, Croda di Re Laurino, Cima Sforcella, Roda di Vaèl, Pizzo di Valbona, Cima delle Poppe, Croda Davoi, Crepe di Lausa, Cima di Mezzo del Principe, Cogolo di Larsec, Punta Emma, Torre Gardeccia
  • the Sciliar (2563 m)
  • the Civetta-Moiazza:
    Monte Civetta (3220 m), Piccola Civetta, Monte Coldai, Torre Coldai, Torre d'Alleghe, Torre di Valgrande, Punta Civetta, Cime di Mede, Torre Venezia, Cima delle Busazze, Monte Moiazetta)
  • the Monte Pelmo (3168 m)
  • the Monte Antelao (3264 m)

What are the Dolomites famous for?

Selva di Val Gardena Several ski resorts, biking, walking, hiking and climbing valleys and parks are connected with each other in this wonderful mountainous paradise, in the hearth of the Alps, offering a breath taking scenery from many different angles and amazing half-day or one day hiking trails (summer) and slopes (winter). The well marked footpaths and slopes, the possibility of skiing (Dolomiti Superski area with its 1,200 km of slopes, 12 valleys, and 450 modern lift facilities), climbing, walking, hiking and also mountain biking will make your stay in this holiday region an unforgettable experience.

Noteworthy tourist destinations are also the lakes such as the Lake Prags (Lago di Braies), Lake of Fiè and near the Dolomites the lake Caldaro, lake Monticolo, lake Anterselva and in about 2 hours driving time Lake Garda.

When should I visit the Dolomites for walking or skiing?

Burning Dolomites The best time to visit, travel, to explore and enjoy the alpine regions of the Dolomites in Italy for a winter sport vacation, between the snow-capped peaks of the Trentino - South Tyrol region (in Italian: Alto Adige) and Belluno, depends on the needs of skiers or hikers. The ski season starts in December with the Super Premiere ski-opening offer (usually until the first weekend before Christmas, detailed information on the Dolomiti Superski website).

The ski season usually lasts until Easter Monday (some resorts remain open after this date), if the snow conditions are good. The Christmas and New Year's Eve period is ideal for those who love the Christmas atmosphere and want to celebrate New Year's Eve in the snow. January and February (Carnival) for couples, groups and families. February, March and April are very popular by the sun lovers, because of the longer days.

In spring the season begins around late May / early June. Sometimes the peaks of this mountain range in this travel region are still covered by snow. The blooming meadows and the longer days of June attract the hikers, climbers and cyclists. July and August are highly appreciated for a vacation in the beautiful Dolomites (World heritage Site). September and October offer a colorful and peaceful landscape; ideal for trekking, walking and mountain biking in the Dolomites.

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