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Val Gardena - Gröden

Ortisei, Dolomites, Italy

South Tyrol · Province of Bolzano
Selva Gardena
Chalet Elisabeth
dolomites alpin & charme
Chalet Elisabeth
New luxury Chalet on the ski slopes of the Sella Ronda and Dolomiti Superski

Accommodations in the holiday area Val Gardena - Gröden

Accommodations: Hotel, Boarding House - Inn, Bed & Breakfast, Rooms, Residence, Apartments, Holiday on a farm, Camping
Accommodations in the holiday area Val Gardena - Gröden
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Val Gardena Italy

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Classic Hotel am Stetteneck Hotel
 StarsClassic Hotel am Stetteneck>
Rezia 14
39046 Ortisei - St. Ulrich
Tel: +39 0471 796563 Fax: +39 0471 796147
Availability   Details & Map   E-mail
Hotel Angelo Engel Hotel
 StarsHotel Angelo Engel>
Petlinstrasse 35
39046 Ortisei - St. Ulrich
Tel: +39 0471 796336 Fax:
Availability   Details & Map   E-mail
Hotel Digon Hotel
 StarsHotel Digon>
Digon Str. 22
39046 Ortisei - St. Ulrich
Tel: +39 0471 797266 Fax: +39 0471 798620
Availability   Details & Map   E-mail
Residence Cristal Holiday Apartment in Residence
 StarsResidence Cristal>
Reziastrasse 145
39046 Ortisei - St. Ulrich
Tel: +39 340 5410277 - +39 333 5809455 Fax: +39 0471 796538
Availability   Details & Map   E-mail
Alpin Sport Apartments Holiday Apartments for rent
 StarsAlpin Sport Apartments>
Passua, 9 - Runggaditsch
39046 Ortisei - St. Ulrich
Tel: +39 331 8650746 Fax:
Availability   Details & Map   E-mail
  Apartments EsterOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Hotel Adler Wellness & Sport ResortOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Hotel Luna Mondschein****Ortisei - St. Ulrich
  Hotel Villa EmiliaOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  GravinaOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Apartments StroblhofOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Pension SonnalpOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Hotel GenzianaOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Cësa GravinaOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Cesa ValeriaOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Apartments ReziaOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Hotel RodesOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Hotel Gardena GrödnerhofOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Garni WalterOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Apartments Marmolada FerienwohnungenOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Gardena ChaletsOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Apartments ErnaOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Hotel CosmeaOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Apartments SchmalzlOrtisei - St. Ulrich
 Scuola Sci - Skischule SaslongOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Residence PrapozOrtisei - St. Ulrich
 Scuola d'alpinismo Catores Val GardenaOrtisei - St. Ulrich
 Galleria Ghetta Gallery / GalerieOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Garni Hotel FortunaOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Hotel TalblickOrtisei - St. Ulrich
 Demetz Leo TaxiOrtisei - St. Ulrich
 Scuola Sci & Snowboard OrtiseiOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Apartments MartinaOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Apartment Cësa VernelOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Apartments DolomieOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  App. Cesa VedlaOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Apartments VictoriaOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Residence PalmaiOrtisei - St. Ulrich
 Associazione Turistica Tourismusverband OrtiseiOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Cavallino Bianco family spa Grand HotelOrtisei - St. Ulrich
 Gourmet-Restaurant Anna StubenOrtisei - St. Ulrich
 Ski Rental BambyOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Apartments Chalet SolënOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  TrebeOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Naturhotel La CortOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Residence La RondulaOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Hotel SureghesOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Hotel MariaOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Alpenhotel RainellOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Residence MagdalenaOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Hotel ArnariaOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Hotel Albion ****s Mountain Spa Resort DolomitesOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Residence AlpinflairOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Residence Villa StellaOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Residence TomblaOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Villa PrinothOrtisei - St. Ulrich
  Residence CiastelOrtisei - St. Ulrich
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